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The purpose of this website is to provide information on veganism. So I wanted the name to be simple to give people the impression that this lifestyle is exactly that. Furthermore, I choose “The Whole Solution” because its literal in its meaning. Veganism is the solution to a never ending list of problems humans face.



Hypocrates – “Let food be thy medicine”

If you dont have your health then what do you have? Essentially our bodies are why we are alive and can get up each day to make memories, travel, love and LIVE. If we dont take care of ourselves then we cant expect to live long and fulfilled lives. Illness is often life altering and most definitely limiting. You cant Ceize the day if your lying in a hospital bed, going to see doctors or taking mandfulls of pills daily!

I see life as something so very precious, a tragedy when its lost. Which is why I think we should fuel our bodies with food that is nourishing, healing and over all else, life enhancing, not diminishing.

Doctors such as Dr John McDougal, Caldwell Esselystyn, Michael Greger, Douglas Graham all promote a whole foods, plant based diet. Through years of research they produced their findings into well known books, documentaries and websites. For more information on the research they and others have done, head over to the VEGANISM tab.

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