The Whole Solution Approach

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The Whole Solution is a unique, habit based weight loss coaching program designed specifically with you in mind.

With nutrition being the core of my program, The Whole Solution fills in the gaps between what you already know and what you have yet to learn.

With The Whole Solution, anticipate to learn the value of:

  • Consistency over intensity
  • Giving your best effort without the pressure of perfection
  • Choosing the lesser of two evils when there is no healthy option
  • Knowing true health and weight loss is a process that includes highs and lows
  • Using the power behind our minds and words to our advantage

After losing close to 100lbs on my own, I’ve learned:

  • Diet plans and rigid exercise programs set most of us up for failure
  • Healthy lifestyles look different for everyone and what we choose is neither superior or inferior to others
  • Programs promising rapid fat loss should be avoided
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle comes from a place of self love
  • Everything we need for optimum health has been provided by God through nature and are readily available to us
  • The use of weight loss products made in a lab are unnecessary

The tid bits above have laid the foundation for my personal health and weight loss transformation. I will use the same sentiments in helping you build yours.

Head here to learn more about me, or here to learn about my 12 week weight loss coaching program.